3 Qualities That High-Quality Men Look For in Their Ideal Woman

Guys might not communicate this to women, but they do with other guys. You’ll find that there are three ways that guys want to describe their wives and girlfriends.

There are simply three words that embody what high quality men think of the ideal woman, and these are:

1.      A woman who is irresistible

2.      A woman who is indispensable

3.      A woman who is irreplaceable

Even when you consider men who are so called player, they tend to say the same things. Deep down inside, all mature high-quality men desire a relationship with a woman that embodies these characteristics in her own special and unique kind of way.

The Irresistible Woman

First, a man needs to recognize that he’s deeply attracted to you on all levels, mentally, physically, and spiritually. He needs to be drawn to you on these levels so that the initial chemistry and romance can take place between you two.

The irresistible woman has something about her that cannot readily be defined to a man. She leaves him speechless. Her presence commands masculine attention, and her slightest touch can disarm even the most guarded of men.

She attracts her man through her natural sexuality, with her appealing personality, and through her deep connection with his masculine needs.

She is physically attractive to him, and she appeals to his tastes and desires. She displays sexual confidence through her beauty, and she fully embraces her feminine nature. She is graceful and gracious with others, and thus she possesses a personal magnetism that a man cannot resist.

The Indispensable Woman

Second, he needs to recognize that he needs and can rely on you as a suitable partner for his life. A high quality man will undoubtedly be one that is driven in some capacity by an undeniable passion or a calling, and his ideal mate will be one who can add value to him on his life’s journey.

Of course, your ideal man will also be able to add value to your life’s journey as well, but a great guy understands this and will be more than willing to support you as well.

The indispensable woman is one who is resourceful and productive in her own daily affairs. This is not to say that she is necessarily perfect in all that she does, but that she shows competence and skill in accomplishing her tasks and achieving her own goals.

In other words, she is proactive and not reactive to circumstances and events in her life. She is self-appointed and can make things happen without the need for anyone’s approval.

When a man sees a woman striving towards her own goals and living a productive and purposeful life, this makes him even more interested in her because he realizes that such a woman will be invaluable to his future as well.

The Irreplaceable Woman

Third, he needs to recognize that his life is better with you, and that he’d rather not do without you now and in the future.

Often, women have the fear that a man may replace them or leave them for something that they perceive as “better” somewhere down the line. But this isn’t necessarily the case with every relationship.

Women who can maintain their uniqueness to a man won’t have anything to fear. And while it is difficult to foretell the future, it is possible to affect it.

To become irreplaceable to a man, all you must do is simply be…….exceptionally different, matchless, and unique. This doesn’t mean that you need to be or do anything outrageous to stand out in a crowd of women, but there must be something about you that makes you special and rare among your peers.

Undoubtedly, there is something about the kind of man that you’re attracted to that stands out, drives you crazy (in a good way), and that you would not change about him. The concept is the same with men as well.

Never be a carbon copy of any other woman. Be yourself, your authentic self, but be the best version of that self. Develop a deep passion for on-going personal development and you’ll begin to understand exactly what it means to be “the best of the bunch.”

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