How To Be Her Ultimate Fantasy

Women love Brad Pitt. You’d be hard pressed to find one that doesn’t. Why, even Angelina Jolie loves Brad Pitt. And what does Brad Pitt have that you don’t have? You know, besides devastating good looks, international appeal, and more money than you’ve even heard of? How do you compete with that?

Honestly, you can’t, but you can be something better. You can be her real-life dream man and fantasy.

Most women know that the Brad Pitt of their fantasies is not the Brad Pitt of reality. Women also know that the man of their dreams may come to them in any shape or size.

Sure, some have a “type” that they are immediately attracted to, but real affection comes from something much deeper. It’s about the way a man makes her feel, and how he plays to her emotions. He can even have less than perfect bedroom skills if he appeals to her on a human level.

Her Fantasy Is Based On Emotional Connection

When a woman fantasizes about Brad Pitt, it’s far different than the way you may fantasize about Carmen Electra or Eva Mendes. Sure, the sexual aspect is part of the fantasy, but I’m sure she’s also thinking of him truly understanding and appreciating who she is.

She’s really thinking about him in a more ROMANTIC and SENSUAL way than just sexual. But if you’re just looking for a one night stand, that’s fine, but don’t be offended if she doesn’t recognize you in Target three years down the road.

To be a dream man, a woman’s ultimate fantasy, you must believe it yourself. This isn’t the first time you’ve heard this, and it certainly won’t be the last.

Self-confidence vastly increases your attractiveness – both in the bedroom and on the street. It allows you to connect with a woman’s emotions on a more sincere and intimate level.

But don’t confuse arrogance for confidence. Arrogance communicates that you are insecure. And this is the extreme opposite end of being a wuss who apologizes for everything you do.

What you want is to find that true balance. And this kind of confidence comes from a genuine place, and it can’t be faked. And I’m sure you’ve heard about women’s intuition. They can spot a pretender from a mile away.

The Confident Lover Is Her Ultimate Fantasy

How do you gain confidence if you don’t already have it?  It’s easy – figure out for yourself why you’re awesome. Maybe you can say the alphabet backward in under three seconds (good opener in a bar, by the way), or maybe you wrote an epic graphic novel about Bush’s presidency, or maybe you even speak Klingon.

So yeah, those things won’t make you every woman’s dream man, but you never know who will think it’s amazing. Mega-hottie Transformers star Megan Fox will talk to you about comics all night long, so never underestimate what excites women.

The moral of the story is to like yourself and to like her. Enjoy who you are as a person, and become comfortable with your own uniqueness.

Being a dream man and ultimate lover to a woman is about the intimacy you develop with her, not simply just about being some unreal fantasy. If you’re up on a pedestal, the only way to go is down. However, if you’re building a relationship, then the only way to move is forward.

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