How to Become a More Sensual Person

The first step for learning to become a more sensual lover starts with becoming a more sensual person on the whole. Sensuality isn’t just based on seduction and sex, but it has more to do with getting more in touch with your five senses. It’s about getting deep into your feelings by truly understanding your entire body.

Unleash All Five of Your Senses

You can become a more sensual lover by starting with how you go about your daily activities. Do you, literally, take time to smell the roses? Do you enjoy your meals and savor each bite, or do you devour food like a plague of locusts?

Begin to be present, each and every day. Try to actually “show up” when events are happening around you. Quiet your mind and enjoy the simple things like a warm breeze, a bird darting across a garden, or even the warm smile of an old stranger.

Here are some great tips for unleashing your five senses to become a more sensual person:

  • Develop a deep sense of gratitude for your life and the simple beauty of nature
  • Smile a lot more, and notice the way it makes you feel. And to develop that sensuality even further, notice the way your smile makes those around you feel.
  • Become aware of your posture and how it makes you feel. What about your walk? Does it bring out the best of you? Do you exude confidence in the way you move? Move as if your every step had a purpose, as if you loved the way you feel.
  • Use your hands to express yourself. Use your hands to massage your skin. Touch things, slowly, and find the beauty in how it feels.
  • Daily meditation and other relaxing activities are excellent ways to calm the mind to be more present throughout the day.
  • Take care of your body and fall in love with understanding what it wants and needs. What kind of soaps and moisturizers truly give you that feeling of freshness? Really ask your body these questions as you groom yourself on a daily basis. Explore and experiment until you find those things that keep your senses heightened with a deep sense of seductive sexiness.
  • Notice the way certain perfumes or colognes smell on your body, and which ones make you feel sexy and irresistible. Also, become fully aware of the way different kinds of foods and exercise make you feel. If it energizes and stimulates your body, keep doing it. If it doesn’t, let it go!
  • Become in tune with how what you wear makes you feel. Begin to notice what kinds of clothing styles and materials make you come alive. Does your underwear make you feel special? What makes you feel sexy? What makes you feel magnificent in your own skin? What styles make you feel confident with your body?
  • Anticipate each and every activity that you are engaged in. Become lost in life’s moments. This applies to eating a piece of delicious fruit to having a hot, steamy shower.

Ask yourself questions regularly such as, “What is my skin saying? What is my body (not my mind) telling me at this very moment?” It’s almost as if you’re reading, analyzing, and categorizing everything in your life using ALL FIVE of your senses instead of your mind.

This is a sure mark of the sensual person.

As you become present in every moment, you literally become a master of your emotions. This gives you more control over the fluctuations in your daily moods.

This one aspect of becoming a more sensual person is powerful enough to bring many positive changes in your life, such as the way you love and seduce your romantic partner.

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