How to Become a Naturally Seductive Person

The best way to become a more naturally seductive person is by first becoming a more sensual person. Sensual persons are those individuals who are not only in tune with their own feelings, but they are also more in tune with the feelings of others.

They see the world differently; in fact, they tend to feel the world around them.

This is what makes sensuality so sexy and seductive. A sensual person is usually a magnificent lover because they are all there, savoring, enjoying, and taking their time to make the romantic experience as full and as complete as possible.

To the sensual person, life itself is filled with endless moments of inspiration, bliss, and passion. In this way, they become immensely seductive as they become irresistible to the opposite sex.

Take Things Slowly With Your Life

The essence of becoming a naturally sensual and seductive lover starts by taking things slowly in all areas of your life. By learning to take things slow in your own life, you’ll begin to observe all of the wonderful and often overlooked details about your partner.

You’ll notice everything about them, the way they speak, the way they move, their unique body scent and how perfumes and colognes accentuate it in various ways, and even the nuisances of their body’s unique shape.

By taking your time, you essentially tap into your own seductive powers. Your every movement is purposeful and powerful in creating attraction with your partner as you go slowly with them.

Take Things Slowly With Your Lover

The idea is to be playful, teasing, and empathic. Learn to linger around the places that turn your lover on. Be patient and methodical, like a surgeon, going slowly with every move.

Touch your lover, slowly.

Tease your lover, slowly.

Speak to you lover, slowly.

Dance with your lover, slowly.

Kiss your lover, slowly.

Smell your lover, slowly.

Taste your lover…slowly.

This is why when making love, using things such as blindfolds is so popular, since it forces the person to use their other senses to feel the intensity of the moment. When you go slowly with your lover you create a heightened sense of expectation.

And if both of you can be slow and seductive with one another, it will become somewhat of a sensual game where each person tries to tease and build anticipation in the other until you both erupt into a session of intense passion.

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