How to Become an Irresistible Kisser

When your lover thinks about your kiss, what is the first thing that comes to his or her mind? Do they think of your kiss as something to put up with, or is it something that they can’t live without?

Are your kisses irresistible and tantalizing to your lover or are they just like every other kiss they’ve come across? What if they think that your kissing techniques could even use some improvement?

A whole lot of improvement.

No worries though, here are a few practical kissing tips and techniques to help you become a better and much more irresistible kisser:

1. Maintain Exceptional Oral Hygiene

This one is straight forward, since no one wants to kiss or be kissed by a dirty mouth. And when it comes to romance and seduction, cleanliness is next to sexiness.

Make sure you keep your teeth as clean as possible. Brush them well, use a tongue scrub, floss, and finish it all off with mouthwash.

There’s no such thing as a mouth that is “too clean”. And your lover will always appreciate the fact that you go the extra mile to ensure that your kissing utensils are kept in mint condition.

2. Prepare Your Lips

Moist lips are always sexier than dry chapped lips. If you live in a cold and dry area, do your best to keep your lips well moistened and use lip balm often.

Also, lick your lips right before you go in for any kiss.

Moistening your lips before a kiss enhances the pleasurable sensation you get when your lips connect with those of your lover. You don’t have to slobber it up before a kiss, but a subtle wetting of the lips will go a long way.

Remember, less is more.

3. Get Rid of Extra Saliva

No one wants to kiss someone who has a mouth full of saliva. In order to become an irresistible kisser, swallow any excess saliva that you may have in your mouth.

This will help you to avoid the infamous sloppy kiss.

It may sound gross to some, but it’s makes practical sense. The act of kissing tends to produce a lot of saliva on its own, so don’t go in for the kiss if your mouth is still full of your own saliva.

Spare your partner and simply swallow before you even start.

4. Master the Approach

It’s important for both men and women to approach a kiss with confidence. And a great way to display that confidence is by making eye contact with the other person right before leaning in slowly with your head tilted.

The tilted head allows for a better kiss, and leaning in shows that you’ve made a decision to commit to the kiss.

The simple technique of peering deep into your lover’s eyes and then letting your eyes dip to glance at their lips is a great way to be both sincere and seductive with your approach.

Men find this technique quite sexy when a woman does it. Simply look deeply into his eyes with a sweet and seductive smile, and then lower your eyes while glancing at his lips then back into his eyes.

The poor guy won’t be able to help himself.

5. Start Slow and Sensual

It goes without saying that it is much sexier to keep your eyes closed while kissing your lover. The act of closing your eyes enhances your other senses and actually helps you to develop a kissing rhythm with your partner.

But remember that as you move in for the kiss, don’t close your eyes too soon until your lips connect.

Make sure that your mouth is slightly open as you move in as well. If your mouth is closed too much, it may appear as if you’re holding back. But if your mouth is opened too wide, you’ll simply appear hungry.

And that’s not sexy, at all.

Find a middle ground and move in for the kiss. You want to feel the sensation of two lips connecting first in order to give the kiss some momentum.

Remember, less is more.

6. Make It Passionate

As the kiss gains momentum, use your tongue to tease and tantalize your lover. Switch between deep kisses and soft kisses, pulling back in order to tease your partner with tender kisses on their lips.

Mix it up even more by softly kissing their top and bottom lips separately, then move back in for more passionate kisses.

Feel your partner out and see what stimulates them with your tongue. However, do not try to stick your tongue down your lover’s throat. Nobody wants that.

Instead be gentle, and let your tongue dance with theirs.

Do what comes natural. Feel the moment, and find your own unique rhythm. Your unique kissing rhythm is what will separate you from every other kisser.

7. Get Your Body into It

Kissing is more than just what you and your partner do with your lips. Becoming an irresistible kisser means letting the rest of your body have some fun as well.

Your body language is very important while kissing your lover. And it will vary between men and women. And although it depends on your partner’s taste, men and women generally have certain ways that they enjoy being touched and embraced while kissing.

Your partner can read your level of enjoyment during a passionate kiss based on what the rest of your body is doing in the moment.

Things like caressing, holding hands, cradling each other’s face, and embracing one another are all great ways to communicate your affections.

In the end, it will all depend on the situation and setting, as well as how your lover prefers to be touched and embraced at that moment. And knowing what to do in each moment is the key to becoming an irresistible and unforgettable kisser.

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