How to say I Love You

Well, this is a tricky but lovely one. We are not talking about how to say I LOVE YOU. Its just I-L-O-V-E-Y-O-U.  We are talking about gestures that convey the message that we really love and care. As it is said that most of the messages used between individuals are non-verbal, so we are focusing on non verbal gestures which make us feel happy and loved. If you have any suggestions please give your ideas to the contact us link below. We will be pleased to add your ideas as well.

Firstly, though we are focusing on non-verbal ways still don’t forget to say I LOVE YOU to your partner at least once a day.

Write love notes for your partner and keep them in places where they will find it. You can borrow something from her and attach a love note to it which she will find out. Also you can do small things for her. Like if you borrow a book from her maybe you can get it binded and return it to her after giving it a nice cover. Also you can write I LOVE YOU on it.

Blow kiss her when no one is watching. Also you can playfully wink at your partner. Girls can also tease their partner by biting own lips and showing she loves him. Also hold hands if you get chance. Touch your partner with love when he is not feeling well. Plan a meeting when no one is at home and give you partner a long long long hug. Though I know that there will gonna be much more done in such a situation. He He He ( Personal experience friends). Am I wrong? I bet no.

Don’t forget you partners birthdays ( oops birthday ). At least send her an ecard if nothing else. Also there are many sites offering free ecard. Send one every now and then. It will keep romance fresh.

If your partner is addicted to the web then find out the sites he visits most and leave a message to him on the site that you love him. Maybe post it on a forum he visits and tell it publicly. If he has a blog leave a I LOVE YOU message to him. I you are not so addicted to the web at least send lovely messages to your partner at his email address. Maybe email him as a stranger. Tell him about his secrets one by one. Once he wants to know who is sending him the messages build up the excitement in him and ultimately reveal it.

If you get time write I Love you on his or her back with your fingers. Also write other things on the back and ask your partner to guess and make a game out of it. Gift your partner a chocolate with I Love You inscribed on it.

Write I love You with rose petals for your partner. Also you can write I love You with blood. But its risky to cut your hands with blade. That has been discussed in details here along with a short cut tom it. CUTTING WITH A BLADE.

Tell her that she is lucky for you. It feels really great to be lucky for someone. Its a great ice breaker also by the way. Say I love You in different languages. Help you partner. Remind him of his favorite shows and movies and upcoming games and show that you care for him.

Fight for his or her respect and protect your partner. Don’t leave him alone in his bad times. Do fight for her cause and don’t accept anyone who abuses or insults her. Give support when someone wrongfully accuses your partner of something bad> Don’t back off as most of the people support the wrong allegation. If you really love stick to your position and fight for your partner. After all a true lover is one who keeps together in good and bad times.

Try to have innovative ideas. Work you mind and you will surely come up with ideas. After all you know your partner best and the ways need to me modified to suit each person. Also please give me your ideas at the contact us link below.

I will update soon with more WAYS TO SAY I LOVE YOU.

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