How to Turn a Woman On Mentally

It is possible to romantically turn your woman on mentally before you lay a finger on her body. The fine art of turning a woman on mentally is one that both of you can enjoy, since the more work you put into seducing her mind, the more willing she be in satisfying you in the long run.

Everybody wins!

To turn your woman on mentally, you must learn how to create expectation and desire by nurturing her emotional needs, getting her completely relaxed and at ease, and painting sensual images in her mind. It’s a mix of psychology and seduction all at once.

The better you are at feeding her emotions, releasing her inhibitions, and creating images in her mind using your words, the more intense her desire will become and the more intense your lovemaking will be.

1. Nurture Her Emotional Needs

Nurture the emotional bond between the two of you by using your words. Tell her the things that you may often neglect to say to her that you know she longs to hear. Call her by her pet name often (assuming she enjoys it). Be playful and high-spirited with you when you call her or text her.

Doing the things that you promised to do, and being a man of your word will definitely turn your woman on mentally. Give her reasons to desire you emotionally by making her day. Share activities with her that not only makes her feel good when she is with you, but things that also make her feel excitement when she is with you.

All of these things help to nurture the emotional bond, and keeps you in her mind. And by putting in the effort to feed her emotional needs, you are setting the stage for her to become more inclined to your seductive advances.

2. Make Her Feel Relaxed and Fascinating

To turn your woman on mentally, when you are together, be completely present with her. What this means is to be all there. Turn off the television, turn off your computer and just be completely there. You want her to know that she excites and stimulates you mentally.

Since a woman thrives on getting attention from her man, being entirely absorb in the moment with her will help her to become completely comfortable and uninhibited with you since she knows that you’re all there.

She will become much more open and susceptible to your sensual advances as you relax and ease her mind through your sincere and active interest in her.

3. Paint Sensual Pictures in Her Mind

In order to turn your woman on mentally become somewhat of a storyteller and use your words to create detailed romantic and sensual images in her mind. Let your language be conversational, subtle, sexy, and sweet at the same time.

Women LOVE to be romanced, it’s a part of their nature. And they enjoy it when a large part of this romancing comes from sensual and stimulating conversation. And although different women are turned on by different things, you should have an idea as to what is a turn on for your lover.

To get her in a more romantic mood, ask her romantic questions regarding love and foreplay. In order to answer you, she will ultimately have to think about what she is saying, and thus the images will naturally form in her mind.

You do not have to use lines with your woman in order to turn her on mentally. Just be open and sincere with your emotions and desires. Try to be as sensual and creative as possible as you communicate to her all the romantic and sensual things that will turn her on.

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