The 5 Things Men Wish Women Knew About Them

When it comes to relationships, some women out there are just as clueless when it comes to men as men are when it comes to dealing with women. Although men may appear to be the simpler ones between the two sexes, men can pose a bit of a mystery to the uninitiated woman.

So to shed some light on the situation, here is a list of the five things that men wish women knew about them that any woman can use either now or in the future to help her better communicate with men more effectively:

1. Men Enjoy a Challenge Not a Chore

Men enjoy a challenge from the women that they are interested in. This makes things more interesting for both men and women. But remember, a challenge is one thing, but a chore is something else completely.

Challenges can turn into chores pretty easy if a guy can’t see some sort of progression in what he’s doing. There has got to be a balance. Men enjoy a bit of work to get the girl they want, but don’t forget that they aren’t mind readers.

Women should give a guy a little heads up. Let him know in your own special way when he’s hot…or if he’s cold. Any sign is better than no sign.

2 .Men Enjoy Just Having Women Around

Men have an innate desire to want women to simply enjoy their company. Regardless of what they can offer in terms of being a provider or protector, men enjoy it when women just want to be in their presence for no particular reason.

Consider this the next time you’re hanging out with a guy and you just subtly let him know that you just adore it when he’s around for no particular reason.

Men love being wanted just for being who they are. Learn to simply bask in his presence and not only will he feel special, he’ll ensure that you feel special being with him.

3. Guy Time Is a Necessity

If a man has friends then that’s a good thing. You should want him to want to spend time with his buddies on a regular basis. This is a healthy aspect for the life of a well-rounded man. This actually ensures that he’s not some crazy outcast who is incapable of functioning in normal society.

Some women may actually undervalue the significance of a guy needing time to bond with his buddies. Without this male bonding time, a man could become pretty out of touch with how he relates to other men. He may also lose his manly drive to achieve and conquer that comes from a healthy support of male friends.

He needs his time with the guys, and if you can communicate that you understand that it is a necessity, he will love you even more for it.

4. Men DO Like It When Women Initiate Sex

The interesting thing about men is that as crazy as they are about sex, they just love it when their special lady is just as crazy about it as they are.

Guys love it when a woman can actually take some initiative when it comes to having sex. This doesn’t mean that guys always want a pushy dominatrix type woman (although some apparently do); but that a little initiative can go a long way in terms of how awesome he’ll think you are.

Remember, men are simpler than you can imagine. Men like sex, men want sex, men need sex. By taking some initiative and making sure that he is more than happy in the sex department, you will ensure that whenever he thinks about sex his mind will go directly on you.

5. Men Want To Be Needed

One of the fastest ways you can lose a guy’s attention and interest is to communicate to him that you don’t need him around.

This doesn’t mean that you should have your world revolve around him, but you should consider that he does have something of value to offer you as a woman in a relationship. And also that he has something that you do not want to take for granted.

If you want anyone to perform a certain way or to develop a certain quality, imply it. The same goes for dealing with men. If you want your guy to actually help out more, don’t say that you want him to help out more, instead tell him that you need his help and that you enjoy having him around because he is needed.

This will not make you appear weak, but rather it is all a part of making a man feel special. It nurtures his strength and his belief that you need him in a good way. All men enjoy it when they are perceived as valuable to their significant other.

What Men Want…

By taking into account these suggestions, any woman can greatly enhance the way they communicate with the men in their lives. Men desire to be understood just as much as women do; only thing is that they don’t always communicate it.

With this in mind, any woman can always do her best to better understand her man. Any man would adore the woman who could apply such suggestions towards building a healthy relationship with them.

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